The Digital Governance Association (DGA) initiates the International Digital Talent Industry-Academe Coalition (IDTIAC) (the initiative in short) and hopefully the initiative helps more ASEAN students study abroad, become interns and get hired in Taiwan for the attainments of recruiting, educating and retaining talents.


We are keen to see ASEAN students attend the master and doctoral programs in Taiwan and receive internships and skill training sessions when studying abroad in Taiwan to be more skillful in practice and trained with working skills.


The ASEAN graduates with master and doctoral degrees not only have chances to be recruited by their internship businesses but also get more opportunities of being hired in Taiwan in accordance with the Job Scores by Degrees System as the formal workers to boost the digital talents required by the industry.







About the Crew

Host: digital Governance Association, DGA
We commit to developing digital governance theory and facilitating Taiwan to be the paradigm of global ESG digital governance. As it comes to one of our duties, we introduce the digitally literate corporate governance talent, foster the chances of industry-academe cooperation and communication and conduct internships and job matches and incubation for overseas students. Last but not least, we link to the international institutions associated with digital governance and manage to upgrade the global competitiveness of digital governance for various organizations and the nation.
Co-host: Everlasting Digital ESG, EDESG
Everlasting Digital ESG, EDESG is a professional ESG-associated strategy and solution provider. In our book, economy thrives from the corporately and socially created values, so we commit to helping the businesses out from Setup of the consensus on strategies to Digital management, manage to hike the competitiveness by the overall ESG sustainable strategy for maximized profit and enforce ESG goals with real solutions.
Enforcer: Gtalent
We are the crew concerned for the industry talent deficit caused by depopulated Taiwan with rich experiences in educational services, training of information-associated talents, industry-related practices for 20+ years, and our latest dedicated duty is the industrial, governmental and academic initiative for digital talent incubation, including the co-hosting of the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Overseas Internet University (OIU) Employment Plan; furthermore, we manage to train more ASEAN talents and help them work in Taiwan.